Community Consultation

In the matter of an application under section 245 of the National Gas Access (Western Australia) Law for a review of the decision made by the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia to give effect to its proposed revisions to an access arrangement for the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, pursuant to rule 64 of the National Gas Rules.

DBNGP WA Pipeline Trust and DBNGP (WA) Transmission Pty Ltd (ACT 9 of 2016)

As no registrations for the Public Consultation Forum in ACT 9 of 2016 were received by the Tribunal by 3.00 pm AWST on Thursday 1 December 2016, the Public Consultation Forum has now been cancelled by the Tribunal.


Australian Competition Tribunal Public Consultation Forum
Limited Merits Review

Pursuant to s 261(1)(b) of the National Gas Access (WA) Act 2009 (WA), a Public Consultation Forum is to be held by the Australian Competition Tribunal in relation to the above Application for Review on Wednesday 7 December 2016, from 10.15 am to 5.00 pm in the Amenities Room, Level 2, at the Peter Durack Commonwealth Law Courts Building, 1 Victoria Avenue, Perth, Western Australia.
The Tribunal wishes to consult with

  • users and prospective users of the Dampier Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline services; and
  • any user or consumer associations or user or consumer interest groups.

If you would like to participate in the public forum you must register your interest with the Tribunal by email at by 3.00 pm AWST on Thursday 1 December 2016 providing the following information:

  • your contact details (including name, telephone number and email address);
  • the details of any association or group that you represent;
  • the topics you wish to address in your submission;
  • if you are or represent an association or a group, the name and role of one nominated speaker and the names and roles of other members who will be attending; and
  • whether you will be participating:
    • as current and prospective users of the relevant services;
    • as a representative of a user or consumer association;
    • as a representative of a user or consumer interest group; or
    • in some other capacity and, if so, what capacity.

In lieu of attendance, the Tribunal will also accept written submissions that are provided to the Tribunal in accordance with the Protocol for the Public Consultation Forum by no later than 3.00 pm AWST on Thursday 1 December 2016.

The Public Consultation Forum Explanatory Guide and Protocol can be found on the Tribunal website. Please read these documents carefully as they contain important information.